Wedding Videography in Crystal Lake

There are many small parts that must be absolutely perfect for a wedding ceremony to go off without a hitch. These elements often include the flowers, catering, music, venue, dresses and everyone attending the ceremony. But something that a lot of people forget is that you need a proper memento of the occasion. This does not mean having pictures and videos that were taken by family and friends.

While you can make the effort of setting up a video tripod at a strategic location to film the ceremony, you will not get a beautifully professional end result using this method. It is a lot cheaper, but do you really want to skimp on the video of the most important day of your life? The wedding ceremony is something you will want to re-watch a thousand times down the years.

That is why it makes a lot of sense to get professional wedding videography Crystal Lake IL. Not only are these people able to come to your venue and figure out the best way to record the event, but you can even have them roaming around with the camera getting “behind the scenes” footage from the ceremony and the wedding reception.

Instead of putting someone at the wedding in charge of the video, you can give the responsibility to this professional crew. It lets everyone else enjoy the party, and it ensures you will have a truly wonderful video at the end of all this.

Weddings are momentous occasions, but it is not the same if you are viewing shaky camera footage that was taken by someone who has never recorded a wedding before. You will want to re-watch your wedding ceremony in crystal clear 1080p high definition, with no stutter and with perfect sound. This is possible by hiring professional videographers in the area.

Best Flowers for Get Well Wishes

Whether a friend, co-worker, or loved one is at-home under the weather or in the hospital due to illness, sending a fresh, beautiful bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to brighten up their day. There are a number of different flower arrangements available to send to your favorite recipient who needs the wishes the most, but some are better than others. Let’s take a look at some of the best floral arrangements Bismarck ND to send to wish your person get well wishes.


Daises are popular for get-well wishes because they are colorful and cheerful and can certainly make anyone feel better in an instant. White, pink, lavender, purple, and other colors of daises are available to choose from.


Another great flower choice for get well wishes are lilies. Lilies are soft, sophisticated and elegant, and simply revising when someone needs perking up.  They’re sure to become a favorite when you send them.


The hydrangea is another excellent get-well flower choice. This flower isn’t commonly given, but nonetheless an excellent choice. The light blue/purple tone is soft and simple, yet cheerful.

Yellow Roses

For the rose lover who needs get well encouragement, a bouquet of yellow roses is sure to do the trick. Mix with a white lily or other flower and you’ve created a phenomenal personalized bouquet.


Rather than flowers, many people prefer to send plants to wish their favorite person get-well wishes. Plants are great to take home and provide the person with a gift long after they’re well.

Sending someone a bouquet of flowers when they’re sick is a thoughtful gesture sure to put a smile on their face. Make sure that you choose one of the flower choices above and you’ll send the best wishes that you can send!

Tips for Drying Your Wedding Bouquet

You’ve been making plans for your wedding and working with a florist Layton on creating the most perfect wedding bouquet you can imagine. This is perhaps the most memorable bouquet that a woman will ever have. This is the reason why so many brides want their wedding bouquet preserved so that they will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Following is the easy way to preserve your beautiful bouquet.

Take a little bit of time to remove any of the wilted leaves/petals or dangling stems that didn’t make it through the festivities. Then, find an area to hang your bouquet that is dry and dark. One of the best options is a closet- as long as there is room to hang it where it’s not in contact with anything else. In addition, another great place to hang it is in a bathroom, as long as it’s not the one that everyone uses. Use a sturdy cord/ribbon and hang it upside down so that the bouquet can dry without lights washing out the colors.

Once you have it hung up, you will need to leave it alone for at least five days. It would be even better if you could possibly leave it alone for a few weeks.

Visit your local florist Layton or craft supply store and get some floral spray. This will serve to protect and seal the flowers. If you are not able to find floral spray, you can use unscented hairspray to do the same thing. Allow it to dry completely.

Finally, place your beautifully preserved wedding bouquet on a stand or in a keepsake box. Keep in mind that the flowers are still very fragile, so the bouquet should be handled with extreme care. After all, imagine being able to look at your bouquet on your ten year wedding anniversary and remember your wedding day like it just happened.

Identifying Fake Gold Jewelry

You’ve seen the prices- you know that buying gold jewelry is a serious investment. How can you be sure that you’re not paying the price for real jewelers Sarasota FL for a piece that’s actually fake? Due to the fact that it’s easy to fake to the uneducated and trusting eye, gold is one of the valuables that is most frequently faked. However, if you take the time to learn how to spot the differences between fake gold and real gold, you will be able to avoid being sold a fake piece for a premium price and find out if what you already have is the real thing or not.

If you already have gold jewelry and you are wondering whether or not it is real, wear it for at least one day. If you have a mark/discoloration on your skin where the jewelry was touching you- it’s more than likely a fake piece.

Take a stick pin and lightly stick it into your gold piece. If the pin breaks, it is not a real gold piece. After all, gold is a soft metal- but fake gold is not. The pin will not break if the piece is real gold.

Hold a magnet near your gold jewelry, keeping in mind that real gold does not have magnetic properties. If your jewelry goes towards the magnet it is fake. If it does not, chances are that it is most likely really made from gold.

Take a jewelry cleaning cloth and rub it on your piece of gold jewelry three times. If the piece is made from fake gold, the gold color will rub off onto the cloth. If it is real, the color won’t rub off.

If, after running your jewelry through these tests, you are still not sure if your piece is real or not, take it to a local jeweler that you trust. He will be able to run a gold test to let you know if your gold jewelry is real or if you have been swindled.

Have You Checked Out New Jewelry Yet?

When you have a loved one that really loves and appreciates jewelry and what it has to offer, you know that it can be difficult to try and figure out just what you need to do in order to make them happy in those cases. How can you make sure that you’re actually going to be able to get what you need without stressing yourself out or making it so that you can’t get ahead with whatever it is that you may be trying to do.

When you look at Williamsburg jewelry, what do you think of? There are a lot of us out there that want to make sure that we’re actually going to be able to figure out what we need in order to make our loved ones feel good. But, if you have a wide variety of things, then you definitely want to make sure that you work with a professional that can tell you the ins and outs of everything that you’re going to be trying to do here. And that, in and of itself, can be a big deal for you and your needs.

All in all, you have a lot of choices to make, and going to the right professional or the right store can make a big difference in the results that you get. So look around for a store before you look for a piece. Yes, it takes a little time for you to actually be able to go and see what you can do here, but in the end, you will find something great that is going to be loved and appreciated by your loved one. And isn’t that the reason that we’ve been looking and trying to find exactly what we need in order to achieve our goals in this way?